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How Mega Is Omega? The Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements.

Here are just some of the top benefits of taking fish oils.


Fish oil helps lower risks factor for heart disease.
Elevated triglyceride levels can be controlled by regular intake of Omega-3 supplements!
Reducing stiffness and joint pain.

Combined with anti-inflammatory drugs Omega-3 supplements help fight stiffness and joint pain.

Depressed?2). muscles

Studies have shown that cultures who eat a lot of fish and other omega-3 rich foods are less likely to suffer from depression. Similarly omega-3 fights together with antidepressants, boosting their effectiveness. Omega-3 may also some symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Infant & Prenatal health:

DHA is a vital ingredient for the visual and neurological development in infants and fetuses. There are also studies showing that omega-3 helps reduce ADHD symptoms in some children. But these studies are preliminary at the moment and more time is needed to see better results.


We’ve already discussed the wonders of omega-3 as far as anti-inflammatory powers are concerned but they don’t stop there. These powers also help lung function for asthma patients and also helps reduce their medication intake.

These are just some of the ways you get benefits from taking omega-3, although there are many more benefits most of them are in the research stages and require more studies. However, having said that the benefits mentioned here go on to prove that Omega-3 is of mega-help in many ways.


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