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Award Winning Pilates Trainer Lynda Lippen reviews Buddha’s Herbs One a Day Mega Omega

Lynda Lippen is an award winning Pilates, Fitness and Reiki Teacher from NYC. She’s a renowned expert in her field and has 25 years of helping people of all ages get stronger, increase endurance, strengthen bones and overcome back pain, neck pain, weakness and fear of movement. When we contacted[...]

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Top 3 Vitamins for your Skin

Problematic skin is something that millions of people are forced to deal with on a daily basis, regardless of their age or gender.  The most common solution is typically to use some sort of harsh chemical, abrasive cleanser, and even a prescription medication to manage skin issues.  Things like acne[...]

Panax Ginseng

All About Panax Ginseng: Health Benefits, History & Modern Uses

Intro/Overview Panax ginseng, also called Asian, Manchurian, Korean or Chinese ginseng, is a perennial herb indigenous to the mountainous forests of North China, Manchuria, and Korea. This versatile plant has several uses for the body, which has made it one of the most popular and bestselling herbal medicines available worldwide.[...]

  1. Blair: Really great, informative stuff. I'll have to try adding this supplement to my regimen, I've been looking for something to…

  2. Jim: When will Panax Ginseng be abailable? Thanks, Jim